10 Ways to Conquer Fear

Lets get fear out of the way now! 

Most of us have set goals for our day to day lives and the second something goes a little of plan we freak out. We let our mental state dictate how we proceed. 

We let the fear take on its own life and ruin everything in OUR life. 
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Here are ten ways you can pick yourself up and push through that fear. 

1. Give yourself a set amount of time to breathe, to cry scream or which ever way you want to vent. You can call a friend and tell them for the next 10 minutes you need to vent about your fears. After that ten minutes is up you are done. 

2. Before the next failure, because it will happen, set up a plan for yourself. Analyze why and how you failed and then decide your following steps. 

3. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare! I cannot say this enough, because as we all know. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

4. Be ready to adjust your plan at an instant. You must always tell yourself that this is meerly a step back. It is not the end until you decide it is. 

5. Take 5 minutes out of your morning to plan the steps to your next goal. Even if its a small goal, plan all of the steps out. 

6. Find a strong group of friends that can support you through failure. You need a core group that you can be utterly yourself with no judgment. So what you screwed up that job interview? So what you said the wrong thing at the wrong time? You are not your mistakes or failures, you are the person that steps up and corrects the mistake and pushes through the failure. 

7. Check in with yourself at least once a month to see where you want to be next month. Do one thing today that will get you closer to that. 

8. Remind yourself that you are human. Remind yourself that no one is perfect. Remind yourself that you are trying to be the best version of yourself. 

9. Write a list of all of the times you have succeed at a goal you set for yourself. Next time you fail pull that list out and read it out loud to yourself.

10. Seek out the things that make you feel the most afraid and look at what it is that you are truly afraid of. Now break each of those things down and see how you can change that. 

Remember, when you don't give yourself the opportunity to try something new out, you are only holding yourself back from the greatness that awaits you. Do not let fear draw out the rest of your life. 

I would like you all to discuss below how you deal with the fear to be yourself. There are a lot of things that can hold us back but fear is one of the biggest! 

Be kind and supportive.