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It took me a while to figure out what I wanted from this life, but then I woke up one day and I no longer wanted to spend my days not living up to my own expectations.  I woke up that day and decided my energy was and is too valuable to waste. My name is Lydia, and you can follow my journey on platforms like IG & Twitter as @Lshompole 


I look forward to hearing from all of you as I explore the world and document it with photographs, and my weekly podcast.  

Send me bits about your lives, your likes, dislikes, passions, and woeful stories.

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Over the years I have had the privileged of working with an amazing bunch of people to create portraits and snap shots for various events. 



Senior Portraits

Creative Theme Based Collections & Performances

Fashion Books etc. 

 Print Collection (Available for purchase in Products Section)

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Daily Check-in

I care deeply about my listeners and the connections that I have made through this thing called life. So if you need a listening ear please include your phone number in the contact form below and I will give you a call.

If you just need a positive message sent your way, I can do that too. 


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Even The Grass Cannot Hide A Lion.
— Maasai Proverb





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