Maasai Mara -> Narok -> Nairobi -> Kiserian

Day Eight Before I left the US I had driven up to spokane and purchased an international driving license .

The lady at the AAA. Counter almost forgot to stamp one of the sections towards the end of the mini booklet that would've given me permission to drive 12 seater vans.

She remembered just as I was about to walk away, and we joked around about how minuscule the chances were that I would ever need to drive a 12 seater van.

Little did I know I would get that chance barely a week into my trip.

I drove the minibus through the Maasai Mara today! The potholes, and missing parts in the road did not deter from the beautiful animals and scenery.

As we were leaving the area my cousin "S" spotted a group of lions walking across the grass. So I pulled up for a closer view and soon realized that it was a bunch of lionesses and their Cubs simply relaxing in the sunset.

Among the lions we also saw plenty of zebras, giraffes and wild beasts. As well as a few "pumbas" (warthogs).

As we pulled up to look at the lions which were relaxing about 30 feet away, the car wheel managed to get stuck in the well traveled path we were on.

One of the passengers kept yelling loudly that I should wait until they took a good enough photograph. As the rest of the passengers tried to quiet him down I struggled to drive the van out of the ditch.

Eventually the van pulled through, pictures of the lion were taken and I drove off into the sunset.

As we drove through the mara we saw a car in the the middle of the street with a flat tire.

In the middle of the MAASAI MARA... Where lions and elephants and all of these wild animals roam freely...

We pulled up and quickly realized that it was one of my aunts! So as all africans behave, we all piled ourselves out of the car and decided to meet in the middle of the road until the flat was fixed.

As night fell it became evident that making it over 150 kilometers to Nairobi was most likely not possible. So we ended up sleeping in Narok town at my Aunt Graces house.

Anywho here are a few photographs from the trip!