“It’s only terrible to have nothing to wait for.”Erich Maria Remarque, Three Comrades See, the funny thing about life is that we are always planing. Always saying, "Oh tomorrow will be better". Or, "In five years I'll have this and that or someother thing".  What we fail to realize is that our life is made up of all of these tiny little pieces. 

Tiny little inconsequential actions, thoughts and feelings. Chaos, all of it is absolute chaos. But thats where the good stuff is. So don't fall victim to the idea that life will only happen when everything is perfectly aligned. That day may never come.


Some of our childhood friends came to visit Tash and I and it was so amazing to see how much we've all grown. 

All of them have begun their own lives, and the best thing was to see just how much our educations have allowed us to think outside the box, start companies, and find/create our own little notches in the world. That was pretty amazing. 

We also got the chance to go sit in a meeting for a local NGO  that focuses on AIDS/HIV education in aurrounding communities. I think just being given the opportunity to see how we can be helping here is pretty cool in itself. 

Sometimes i get so caught up in the obstacles in my way that I can't see how to get something off the ground and I've realized that having friends or connections allows for a strong flow of ideas and creative ways to start seeing and making progress in the world.