5 tips for the solo traveller

5. Don't trust too quicklyYes you need to be open to experiences and meeting new people. Yes you need to soak in the essence of which ever country you are in, but keep in mind that many people make their living at someone else's expense. 

   4. Don't be afraid to feel You will laugh a lot, cry a bit and yell some too. At the end of your trip you'll remember the moments that you felt the most. 

3. Keep in touch with that friend you met at the bus station, or the beach or wherever you met. You truly don't know where life will take you. You could end up in a remote village and bump into that same person years later. Keeping in touch will always allow you to help out those people or even ask for help when you need it. Network, form solid friendships that provide emotional and life growth and support. It's important. 

2. Don't say no to that second cup of tea. While home we had the chance to go visit one of my aunts. On the trip to her house we first got the car stuck in a riverbed and couldn't get it out. Then we waved down a second car to drive us there, which also got stuck 300 or so feet ahead of the first car. Then eventually we rolled up our pants and treked about 2 miles just to get to her house. The second we arrived we realized that she wasn't even home. But we were offered tea and conversation until she returned. During that conversation my cousin said one thing that will stick with me forever.

He said, "If you don't change, change will change you." 

If we had said no to tea, and turned back that day I would never have had that conversation. I would've continued on the path I was on. 

1. Let the experience open your mind to the possibilities. 

Too often we find ourselves living in a routine. Our thoughts, actions, and personalities become influenced by this routine. By leaving and seeing the many cultures around the world, the many revolutionary people and ideas we can begin to take ourselves off of autopilot. Seeing the world is like being born again because you see how others live, what others think is important in life. You see that it is possible to be different to live and love differently. So don't be afraid to take back control of your mind.