3 Things You Can Do Now To Make A Difference

“A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul.” -Jillian Michaels

1.Seek out diversity

I know most of us shy away from meeting new people and doing anything that falls out of our comfort zone but this is one of the most significant ways to make a difference. By finding groups of people you have never had conversations with or events that you would have never participated in you learn not only a bit more about yourself, but you also gain a different perspective of the world. There is no one in the world that has had a life exactly like yours, filled with exactly the same people with the exact same thought process. Go learn something new. 

2. Stay informed

One of the reasons that "He Who Shall Not Be Named" won the election is because of misinformation and the media. By circulating articles that we haven't actually researched, or by believing that it couldn't be that bad we allowed ourselves to walk un-bothered into the current situation. One of the ways we can either prevent this from happening again or for the government to actually hear our voices is to research, read, educate ourselves our friends and even strangers. Check out the websites below:


3. Listen

 All of the above advice wouldn't make a difference if we don't listen. So learn to hear what people are saying and ask questions. Figure out why people make the decisions that they do. Figure out why YOU make the decisions that you do. You'll realize that more often than not we are quick to react with out even considering why.


Each week I pick one topic that I have no background in and I research it. At the end of that week I form an opinion on the topic. Its an easy way to compartmentalize and allow myself to not feel overwhelmed with all of the things that I do not know.