0.19 - Safiya Farah - Risks, ROI & Life After College

We all end up at this place in our lives where we just don't know what the next step is let alone what we see ourselves doing in the next 10 years. What you've got to realize is that life is a journey made up of one step at a time. Its not a big deal that you don't know what you want right this second. No one ever really does. Join in this weeks conversation on how to navigate life, and how to take the first step towards where you could possibly want to be one day. 

Safiya Farah - Seattlite, Somali, Bachelors in Economics, current coding fanatic & world traveller 

She's funny and incredibly determined to make a difference in the world. 

Follow her on IG: @SoSoSafiya Twitter: SoSoSafiya_ &

Her website NewtoTheTechWorld.Wordpress.com where you can join her on her coding journey! 

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