2.03 - Bhan Gatkuoth - Daughter Podcast

"Bhan Gatkuoth is an independent podcast producer who is passionate about sharing the stories of marginalized groups. Her podcast series, Daughter, is one that is dedicated to sharing the untold stories of her mother. A strong South Sudanese woman who was unfortunately forced to become a child bride, a prisoner, and a refugee all before she turned 21 years old.

The story of Bhan and her mother is one that uniquely situates their mother-daughter dynamic against the backdrop of their social positions while at the same time highlights the importance of voice and representation in our collective history.

After graduating from the University of Calgary with a Bachelors degree in Communication and a diploma in Broadcast News Journalism, Bhan made a huge move to Quebec, Canada where she is currently working as a teachers aide and learning the french language. 
She's also a big fan of coconut cream pie, and Friday night binges of episodes of The Office." 

You can follow her journey on Social media: 
IG & Twitter: @daughterpodcast