Phoenix, AZ


So I'm currently sitting in the Phoenix airport patiently waiting for my sister Tash to arrive so that we can head off to Puerto Rico. Met a really sweet, older Kenyan man working at the airport who approached us as soon as he saw us and said a quiet but definitive phrase. "Africans? "

Sagal, Linda and I smiled brightly and answered with an ecstatic yes!

After a quick conversation about where we are from and how we are doing, we said our goodbyes. My heart felt a little but lighter knowing that no matter where you go, someone cares about you as an individual!

Speaking in Swahili to someone I just met made me realize that I haven't lost my roots yet. I always wonder to myself if I'm forgetting more and more as the days pass, but today reassured me that deep down, my native language is still there just waiting for a chance to be used.

Any who! I got a quick chance to take a few nice shots while we were bustling from terminal to terminal, gate to gate.

I would love to know if any of you speak more than one language? Do you have difficulty practicing both and keeping fluent? How do you keep on top of it?