San Juan , Puerto Rico


After meeting up in Phoenix with half of the crew, we realized that this trip was actually happening! We piled into the airplane, struggling to find air head space to stuff our carry ons into. The couple sitting behind me calmly began speaking about how the tropical storm has been covering PR in heavy rain and high winds.

We began to worry. Who would've thought our trip would include a tropical storm.

I guess we didn't have much to worry about when we finally made it to San Juan a little after noon today, we realized the rain was just like any typical day in the PNW.

Negotiating a taxi ride to our house took a little less than 2 minutes. Got into the car and off we went. We found the gated house with a large, lush garden out front.

After fiddling with the locks the door swung open to the cutest little home I have ever seen! We felt right at home.

The owner of the property Otto, came and introduced himself, gave us directions to the closest grocery store and went on his way.

At the store we received our first lecture in Spanish. We all stood there staring at the guy hoping he'd realize that we did not understand any of his firm commands. We quickly back peddled out of that section of the store and he calmed down, so we just avoided it while we continued shopping.

My favorite part of this little house is that I can make tea whenever I want. Haha I know , terrible but I literally can't go a whole two days without having at least one good cup of tea.

Anyways waiting on this rain to calm down a bit then hopefully out to explore!

Here are a few shots from the last of the trip! Oh! And the warrior heart crew neck is a belated birthday present from Tash! Hers says lionheart ! 20140802-161745-58665521.jpg