Don Q & NoNo's


We began the night by calling waldemar, the wonderful taxi driver we met at the airport when we arrived. He drove us down to old San Juan, where we began the night at NoNo's. Where we met the bartender, JR, which is also coincidentally my bosses name, and another man named Louis.

Louis mentioned that if you come to Puerto Rico and you don't go to a dance club named El Batey, then it's almost like you didn't come to PR at all.

After that statement, It only seemed right for us to walk a block down to El Batey.

Upon arrival we met nicest guys Jeremy and Adam, who had arrived the previous night. They proceeded to challenge Sagal and I to an intense game of pool.

After a grueling 15 minutes Sagal accidentally nudged the 8 ball into the right corner pocket, sadly we lost the game, But won over a few new friends.

We then exchanged numbers and proceeded on with our exploratory night.

We ended up in a little dance club, where we met an older Arab woman who taught us how to salsa, belly dance and even the tango to EDM music.

Finally we decided to take a walk down towards the coast line, which was literally steps away, to watch the lighting storm that was raging over the ocean. I tried to get a few shots of that but :) kept missing it.

Anyways for a first night, I must say Old San Juan has own over my heart: I can picture myself living here one day!

But first I need to learn Spanish.