1920s' & Ferguson


After a long week of assembling a new graduate student lab at the university, I decided to make an appearance at a 1920s themed party being hosted close by. Dressing for this event ended up being one of the most difficult tasks that I have yet to encounter this summer. When I hear theme I either go all out or nothing at all. But this time I felt as if a middle ground would have to do due to the last minute nature of the night.

I ended up cloaking myself in a deep blue sailor inspired dress and some brown gladiator flats, and the rest was history.

We showed up to the party a tad bit late, which resulted in immediate introductions to the 7-9 individuals still at the party. I soon realized that the night would be filled with hilarious conversations and good drinks.

One of the girls we met had an awesome tattoo ,I quickly asked if I could take a quick picture. I explained that she might make an appearance on my blog and she immediately decided that we must follow each other on tumblr!

Anyway the apartment was decked out in some pretty amazing speakeasy-esque curtains, music and artwork! One of the hosts even explained how they had intended on posting a password to a local Facebook info page and having guests say it at the door, but sadly that didn't work out.

I'm all in for themed parties, I missed one earlier this summer called, "Corporate lives & Trophy wives" which still kind of bums me out. Hopefully they host another soon.

Any who didn't take too many photos my sisters and I spent quite a bit of time this week working on an inspirational movement based off of the events in Ferguson , as well as all around the country and world.

We are creating a project based culture surrounding music, art,literature, poetry and general self Expression. We need your help. If you feel like submitting any creative pieces to www.thedystopianagenda.tumblr.com we will be printing the submitted work in a book later this year and selling the books , and using that money to create a scholarship find for nationwide activists. We also have tshirts and crew necks which you can see below! I get mine within the next couple of days I'll post details on where you can order your own.

Check it out! Get involved! We can all protest inequality; injustice; senseless murders; ethnic cleansing! We are human, be pro-humanity! IMG_1457.JPG