Theoretical gates

When you think of success what is the image that comes to your mind? Do you see money? Loads of material possessions? Cars, technology, jewelry?

Do you see members of the opposite sex flocking to you like seagulls?

Is it freedom?

Spiritual peace?

What does success mean to you?

Well I asked myself this a few days ago.. And the answer kind of took me by surprise.

Most of you don't know this but I am currently pursuing an electrical engineering degree, as well as a minor in mathematics, a commercial pilots license , and a photography/ clothing company.

I know, I know. My interests are definitely scattered and lack focus. But here's the thing... When I think of success, I see all of those job possibilities. I see myself being able to move from one, to the other, and to new ones without hampering my family, social or financial lifestyle.

I see backpacking trips, intense CEO meetings, cute wedding photography jobs, and flying a little Cessna across lands that I have never even dreamed about.

That's success to me , and when I was walking to my 9am senior design class, I walked past these gates. Everything seemed to click in that moment. I realized that if I close the theoretical gates of my mind I will never achieve the success that I dream of.

That dream will no longer even exist as an option.

So what does success mean to you?