Here's a question for you... What are the most important things in your life, and what do you do to make sure they remain in your life?

For me the list is as follows. Family, education,friends, and employment.

Those are my priorities. If my family is happy I'm happy. If I am learning and advancing my own understanding of the world, be it through a basic classroom, a blog, or speaking with a stranger while waiting for the bus. If I am making myself better each day, then that makes me happy.

As for the friendships in my life they keep me sane. I have a few close and wonderful friends who can call me out on my crap and we will talk it out and make our friendship stronger. There have been people who I've let out of my life because of the lack of communication.

I believe if communication doesn't exist in any relationship, then both parties will end up suffering the loss of that relationship.

And last of all but not least, employment.

I have held the same jobs through out my college career that's a grand total of 5years. My job has allowed me to meet interesting focused individuals who only push me to be a better person intellectually as well as professionally.

Having a good job / support structure in college is a blessing. So I encourage you to find a job where you can grow on a regular basis.

What are your lists? Are there any things that you need to let go of to make you a better person? Are your friendships/ relationships causing you to miss out on great opportunities?

Oh I went to a rave-ish party last night and met the funniest individuals. Who would think engineers have a life outside of the books! (Just kidding) Anywho I snapped a few photos of the lights and some food!


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