When you think about your choices, what is the initial feeling that rushes over you. Is it sadness, excitement, contentment?

Do you feel as if some part of your life needs to be revamped?

Lately I have been struggling with the concept of acceptance and growth. In the sense that I understand when I am making decisions that are holding me back from growing into the person I am meant to become but, I still find myself making them over and over again.

A few months ago I made a decision to to leave a situation that was only causing me heart ache. I finally decided to let go and move on, well my mind tricked me into thinking I had.

Up until recently i had convinced myself that, that specific part of my life was over and that I had grown into a better, more understanding individual.

Well imagine my surprise when about a week ago I found myself In the same exact situation that had begun this whole journey into understanding myself.

Initially, I was disappointed and distraught over the fact that I seemed to be back tracking.

I felt as if I had harmed not only myself but some of the people that I hold dearest.

To say the least my morale had taken a huge hit.

Until I read an article, that explained how sometimes the best lessons are taught by giving the individual a dose of their own medicine.

Everything clicked. The heart ache, the confusion, the constant guess work. It was a lesson. A huge weight was immediately lifted off my shoulders and I realized everything happens exactly how and when it is supposed to.

Every article you read, every encounter you have, every stranger you meet.

It's supposed to happen.

So don't be discouraged when you find yourself making poor decisions. Don't be disappointed in yourself when you think that you aren't making progress.

It's a day by day process, trust in your journey. You'll get there eventually.

Oh! I went to an awesome concert last night! Below are a tid bits and one of me relaxing in the sun!