Hands up! Don't shoot!


What's your purpose on this planet? Not just professionally but as a being on this planet.

When is the last time you spoke up about something that you are passionate about?

Did something that brought you and those around you joy?

Of late I've been contemplating the questions above. I've been wondering if school for 12-16 years of my life, followed by working a typical 9-5 job, seeing only one town for my life's entirety is what it's really about.

It can't be. That can't be it.

That can't be the only thing that we were put here for.

We've got to have each other's back. Support and speak up for each other.

I've always believed that every single atom in our bodies was at one point or the other a part of the universe.

Do you believe that all of the coincidences that made you, occurred so that you could push paper for the rest of your life?

Do something, say something, be the person that tries to make this world a better place.

It all starts with one, and eventually we can make a big enough impact. We can stop dealing with the issues that we know shouldn't even be occurring in this day and age.

I had the honor of participating in a march/rally to protest the wrongful deaths of Mike Brown, Renisha Mcbride, Trayvon Martin, and so many other souls last night.

The march was organized by a handful of wonderful individuals and had a great turn out!

I'm all for peaceful protests. Nothing good comes from violence.

Be a voice, be an involved participant in this world. It's the only one we get!

I took a few photos of the different speakers, and poets that came to support the cause. I also grabbed a few of the professional shots taken by some local photographers.I'm not sure their names but just wanted to give them credit on their great coverage! I think Mike Delaphante is one of the photographers. Great job!

Let me know how you are getting involved?

What are you passionate about?

How are you making a difference?

Leave me a comment or send me a message.