Football season is in full swing and I must say, I'm definitely not a person that follows sports. I used to play everything from soccer, to basketball... I even ran track for a few years but at this point in my life I really don't even know the names of a few key players.

Regardless I spent the day watching our first home game at Washington State University.

My friend and I decided to help a local organization by volunteering to sell cushion as a fundraising event.

We ended up raising a lot of money and hope to help out for a few of their other events this semester!

The Cougars vs. The Vikings. The Cougars won 59-21 and it's safe to say that was cause for celebration.

I managed to snap a few pictures while working, of this cute little girl that was helping us sell the cushions.

Her mom had made her a little fort under the booth we were managing.