Tattoos, The KKK & Mental Health Days.

So I decided to take a mental health day yesterday. A Monday to be exact. I've always heard that the way you use your Monday will dictate the rest of your week. I believed that for the longest time and continuously pushed myself to achieve which ever goals I had set For my Monday's.

But yesterday I just couldn't.

I couldn't convince myself that getting out of bed and staying out of bed was what I needed to do.

I couldn't convince myself that taking a break from school and work, and life in general was a bad idea.

You know why?

Because it simply wasn't that important. It wasn't more important than my mental health.

It wasn't more important than the piles of homework and projects waiting for me on my work desk.

It certainly wasn't more important than my rest and health.

As a freshman I can remember days, or weeks where I would literally only catch 1-2 hours of sleep. I was groggy and miserable walking from class to class simply showing up for face value.

I wasn't engaged in lecture and I didn't find the material interesting simply because I wasn't awake enough to understand it.

So I'd cram for exams, and breeze through the home works just for the grade, just for time to move forward.

So yesterday, my mental health day , was a big deal because over the past 4 or 5 years I've realized how important rest is.

How important my health and sanity are.

I allow myself to take a break so that the next day I can do better. So that I can remember exactly why I decided on this major.

At the end of the day money, grades, homework, is just not more important than life.

Also finally got a chance to add to my tattoos. I added four new glyphs. Challenge, transcend, explore, and connect. I'll post a selfie along with the other photos I've snapped here & there.

We first went to Bitterroot tattoo shop but it was closed and no one would pick their phone!

So we went down to Falling Moon where we had a delightful conversation about a racist man who went down to an Oregon tattoo shop, paid for the local artist to tattoo anything on his forearm, and left with a bodacious ,bootylicious, black bombshell on his forearm... Right next to his swastika.

Apparently he wasn't too happy about the tat but since he had signed all the paperwork he could do nothing about it. I'm sure he showed up to his KKK meetings wearing long sleeves and eventually lost all of his comrades.

Lol overall it was a great experience. I might be adding either a piercing or another tattoo here shortly.