Musings on IOS8 & other things

First off Id like to say that although I was skeptical about IOS8 in the beginning,... Apple has won me over! How do you ask?

Well let me tell you!

My biggest issue with the iPhone 5 as of ever since I got it was the lack of data memory space.

Each time Apple would ask me to update to the newest software I lost more and more data memory in the process.

Can you imagine traveling all while knowing you could only take a maximum of 50 photos on your iPhone camera before it refused to cram anymore in there?

It was frustrating knowing that by the time I grabbed my phone or camera those small priceless moments would have already slipped away.

But Apple I must say you've fixed a problem that I didn't even have time to complain to you about!

Thanks I updated and now have over 5.0 GB of space. Which keeps my camera roll ready and waiting.

The space is great as well as the new podcasts integrated app which has everything from TEDTALKS to some of my favorite quirky self help gurus.

I also love the integrated audio file share capabilities. Which auto delete after whomever you send it to listens to it.

Oo but the more creepier things include sharing of locations through texts. Where users can allow friends to know where they are at all times. It's easy to forget too after you give permission.

Also not a fan of the weird recent calls that pop up at the top of the screen. Or the text message assistance with word suggestions. Hmm

Anyway onto other things. I got the chance to attend a little event hosted on the WSU campus called Revolutionary Minds. The ladies who performed did so amazingly well!

I always think about how much confidence it would take for me to step up to an open mic night stage and read a few pieces that I've written.

Let's just say I'm working my way up to that! So I've volunteered to teach a 45minute lecture covering renewable energy and green living on the 23rd of October!

Just to get my feet wet and get myself comfortable speaking in front of large groups again.

Snapped a few photos, maybe you'll get a bit of the ambience of the place.

It's a little cafe named "Zoe's underground Cafe/pub" they serve the most delicious sandwiches/ coffees.