"It's not even a daddy long leg it's a daddy fat leg"


The wise words of my older sister.  I am finally home for the weekend. After two weeks at Oltepesi my mother is incredibly happy with the amount of Maasai my sister and I know/understand.

Since kimaasai is a tonal language, every thing you say has multiple meanings. Although we are struggling with saying things correctly (right Rythm and what not) our teacher and parents are all trying to help us practice. 

It's actually quite funny, we recently learned that if you say "Tosiadi" that means in your behind but if you say "Tesiad"i that means behind something. Haha so it's pretty easy to slip up and say "the phone is in your behind" when you really mean it's behind a table or something. 

Anyway it just made me giggle. 

Hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for reading!