Missing branches


i guess you could say that this trip has been a long time coming. If you did I'd say that you are absolutely correct.  As I'm laying here in bed, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I feel nothing but peace. My sole purpose for coming back home was to learn. 

I came to Kenya to learn my tribal language (kimaasai ) and that's absolutely what I'm going to do. 

Growing up my I learned Swahili and English eventhough my parents spoke plenty of Maasai I didn't really have a chance to pick it up before moving to the states. And to be honest for most of my life I kind of forgot that there was still another language for me to learn. Not just a language, but a culture as well.

I feel like oftentimes when you move and become surrounded by all of this newness that comes with different countries, you sort of lose yourself. You lose your identity. Well I got to a point where I didn't like that feeling anymore and decided that it was time to fix it.  So now here I am with my older sister. A world away from little ol' Pullman. A good 3 or 4 hours away from my parents and other siblings. Quite literally surrounded by girrafes and ostriches and red sand and umbrella trees. In a little school called "Oltepesi" 4km away from a small town called Mashuru. Beginning a new journey into myself and the smile I have on my face is incredibly justified.

Ashe Oleng (thank you very much) for reading