A little sweat ain't never hurt nobody.


You know my favorite thing about the world we currently live in? That there are boundless opportunities. That if I decided today that I wanted to be a personal trainer, no matter how out of shape or how lacking in connections I am, I can get up put a lot of hard work and time into that goal and I could do it.

Mind you it might take a week or a year or much much longer, but I could do it.

I love that. Simply knowing that this isn't it. That whatever I want to make happen, I can.

Growing up, I remember how hard my parents used to work, well even now they work hard. But at that age when you see your parents working 12-18 hour days and you see where they started from and now where they've gotten themselves to, that lesson sticks with you.

It permeates into every aspect of your life and becomes the most wonderful blessing in the world because you don't fear hard work.

You don't dread going to your job because you know you can handle just about anything they can throw at you.

For instance today, as most of you have seen Im fairly petite. I'm like 5'3" and maybe 130lb on a good day. I work in a male dominated field. So manual labor is something everyone around me is used to.

(When I say male dominated I literally mean that I could go an entire day heck even a week without speaking to even one other woman)

Quite honestly we need more women in engineering!


Today my boss looked at me and told me that I would be helping him move about 8 Steele case desks. Each weighing about 150lbs.

He gave me my furniture trolley and off we went to work. I moved 4 desks and he did the same. Not once did he think that I couldn't do it. Not once did I think that I couldn't do it.

I thank my parents for that. For raising me to welcome hard work and a challenge. For raising me to be able to keep up with the rest of the world.

A little glimpse into my job :)