Hey you! It's Lydia, are you listening?


It seems to me that sometimes people forget how beautiful and priceless life really is. We rush from one destination to the other, rarely realizing that our minds are clouded with worry and doubt and self pity.

When we should be gazing and living in the wonders that we are surrounded with.

This morning as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon the "Humans of NY" page.

I sat in bed for almost an hour reading the stories of so many people going through insurmountable struggles.

I read about how they've lost their families, their homes, their purpose! Yet none of them quit, none of them refused to stand back up and try again.

See that's a miracle in itself. The ability for us, as human beings to pick our selves up and try again each and every time.

That's beautiful!

I know that when facing things like Ferguson, Palestine, racial inequality, murder, and all of the evils of the world, it gets difficult to wake up with hope that things will change.

But if we fail, if we fail to wake up with hope in our hearts, we are failing as the human race.

It's funny because someone I was once so very close with, well he told me something I will never forget. Something I always remember when things get rough.

He looked at me and said, "As long as the good times outweigh the bad we'll be alright."

Well we no longer speak but that line brought me here.

It brought us all here because it literally describes every possible thing that has happened in this world.

We are still alright, we could be better but, for now we are alright.

Seek peace and balance in your life. IMG_2492.PNG