Spokane-> Seattle->Amsterdam-> Nairobi

I opened my eyes to a pitch black room. Clumsily reaching for around the floor searching for my cellphone, I grabbed it only to realize that It was 4am and my month long trip to Kenya was about to begin.

I slowly raised myself off the couch and convinced myself to finish packing. My flight was in a few hours.

Quickly, I mentally scanned through a list of everything I needed to do before leaving the country.

Traveling money ? Check.

Passport? Check.

Sisters in tow? Check! I guess the worst part about flying halfway across the world is the food. Airplane food is most likely the least tasteful food in the world. But I guess I understand, it must be difficult to preserve food then feed hundreds of people every few hours for ten or more hours. So I get it.

For the first time in basically forever the line inside the Kenyan airport moved quickly. We first went through infrared surveillance to measure our body temperature. This was one of the precautions implemented after the Ebola business.

As I stepped up to the line to be scanned, I suddenly became really nervous. Which lead to me feeling really hot... This increased my body temperature to an alarming rate.

I was quickly pulled aside and asked to fill out paperwork asking questions like, "Have you recently consumed bush meat?" Or " Have you come in contact with anyone from China?"

Both of which made me laugh because for the life of me, the innuendo of "bush meat" temporarily brought out my immaturity, but also because I was flying in from the U.S annnnddddd I hadn't even heard of a case of Ebola in China!

Anyways I don't have Ebola, nor will i contract it while here since not all African countries were affected by the spread.

Back to it. The rest of the line moved quickly, I received my visa super fast and customs was a breeze, and found my mom and sister waiting outside for us.

By this time we were beyond exhausted so when we got home we basically crashed into bed and slept for almost 10 hours.


Here's tid bits from the Spokane-> Seattle->Amsterdam-> Nairobi trip!