home sweet home


Another trip This time around packing and leaving was anticlimactic. I didn't even think about packing my own suitcase until 2 hours before leaving Washington.  I had spent the previous week (beginning of June) roadtriping with my sister from California all the way back to Washington. We managed to stop in Portland to eat at our favorite restaurant " the red onion" but were slightly disappointed when we noticed they'd stop serving "ped pao Lao" which is a delicious duck stew. However the food was still wonderful. It finally clicked that I was leaving the states about 7 hours after I had landed in Kenya. It felt just like I'd skipped across the ocean and woke up at home. I'm telling you the air has never smelled so fresh and filled with cool moisture from the recent rains. Within five minutes of placing my luggage down we jumped in the car with my dad and set out to find some adventure, and that is exactly what we found. 

From the rough roads to Kajiado to the zebras grazing on the side of the road I must say I definitely missed this. I think the second you lose that sense of adventure is the very second you begin to grow old. I'm sure other scientists would disagree but I think there's something they haven't seen yet. Buuut what do I know right?  Anyways I shall be updating every few days. I'll be internet less for maybe 4 weeks so hopefully I'll figure out a way to update bi weekly. Be prepared for a flood of back dated posts and photos! 

As always thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the photos